Monday, December 10, 2012

Beautiful Words

It’s been announced that singer/voice actress Sakamoto Maaya and voice actor Suzumura Kenichi got married on August 8th.
Sakamoto stated, “In my life, I’ve always prioritized what I love, what made me happy and comfortable, and tied them to my future. Therefore, even with marriage, it’s something I wanted from the bottom of my heart, so I responded to those feelings.” She continued, “When I’m with Suzumura-san, I feel calm. He is a kind person. For me to sing, act, and live as myself from here on, it’s hopeful to have a reliable partner by my side. Please watch over us warmly.
Meanwhile, Suzumura commented, “I am given strength to be with a woman that’s full of intelligence and energy. I’m already a merry person, but I laugh even more with her. She is an irreplaceable person who I love to spend time with.
He also wrote, “It’s been 17 years since I started voice acting. With this work, it is necessary to have many feelings. The moment my heart is moved in my day-to-day life turn to provisions, and it changes my expressions. I am certain that my new life will bring more provisions. What kind of things are awaiting me? What kind of expressions and emotions will I encounter? For a happy future, I will do my best to live as myself. I will do my best to deliver that happiness to someone with my expressions.

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