Monday, December 10, 2012

Beautiful Words

It’s been announced that singer/voice actress Sakamoto Maaya and voice actor Suzumura Kenichi got married on August 8th.
Sakamoto stated, “In my life, I’ve always prioritized what I love, what made me happy and comfortable, and tied them to my future. Therefore, even with marriage, it’s something I wanted from the bottom of my heart, so I responded to those feelings.” She continued, “When I’m with Suzumura-san, I feel calm. He is a kind person. For me to sing, act, and live as myself from here on, it’s hopeful to have a reliable partner by my side. Please watch over us warmly.
Meanwhile, Suzumura commented, “I am given strength to be with a woman that’s full of intelligence and energy. I’m already a merry person, but I laugh even more with her. She is an irreplaceable person who I love to spend time with.
He also wrote, “It’s been 17 years since I started voice acting. With this work, it is necessary to have many feelings. The moment my heart is moved in my day-to-day life turn to provisions, and it changes my expressions. I am certain that my new life will bring more provisions. What kind of things are awaiting me? What kind of expressions and emotions will I encounter? For a happy future, I will do my best to live as myself. I will do my best to deliver that happiness to someone with my expressions.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bisa karena Biasa

Mungkin inilah saatnya menerapkannya.
Kebiasaan yang membuat saya menjadi bisa melakukannya.


Monday, April 30, 2012


As time goes by, I realize I'm growing every single year.
The style, the taste of visual, the feel... everything keep evolving to a more subtle ones.
This is the process that even sometimes I have never realize it.
But it's a good thing.
I like it.


[time admirer]

Internet > Business?

Suddenly I realize how (an active) blog is quite a strong candidate for business and marketing life. People may not have any business at all, but once they're serious about developing their blog, BAM, it's their new business now.

People go for blogging is because they're enjoying about it. No matter what topic do they bring to the blog, if their blog has fans, that's it. Just keep the persistence and improve it, the blog will happily makes money for the mommy.

Some people might not agree with my statement, but everyone should admit that this is an online era. Everyone go and find Mr. Google when they don't know what "superb" means. People put their used old-chair on eBay. We download music instead of buying the CDs. Clothing online shops are like everywhere around the internet, like really E-Very-Where.... We are nothing without internet nowadays, and that is why Mr. Mark Zuckerberg gains his success. (I just read a quick brief of his life story and it's very interesting)

This is a very big thing to be concern for a set-up.


[The Englightener]

Monday, April 09, 2012

i'm a fool

another day i passed doing foolish thing.
my mind cannot focused.
i can only think about surreal stuffs.
things that is not even going to be happened.

i fall into a dreaming well,
it was so nice,
i let myself drawn for a while,
until the reality hit me,
and .....
i feel empty again.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Post Safe

social media is not safe anymore.

whatever you post online, wherever it is, it's just not safe.

somebody might bump to it and you would never know whether it's some anonymous or somebody related to the post.

Sosial Media

Entah ada dorongan apa yang membuat aku kepingin menulis blog kembali. Tapi salah satu alasannya adalah karena twitter tidak lagi aman untuk menuangkan isi pikiran, terlebih lagi dengan keterbatasan 140 karakter yang disediakannya.

dipikir cukup 140 karakter? kadang menulisnya pun butuh kelihaian seorang editor kelas salmon. Tulis.... tulis... tau-tau sudah -15 karakter. Dengan berat hati harus membuat semua kata-kata dalam bentuk short-form yang menghancurkan keindahan suatu kalimat. Belum lagi bila 140 karakter penuh singkatan itu dirasa belum cukup, terpaksa harus memposting tweet lanjutannya. Dan kalau dirasa belum cukup lagi, lanjut kembali kepada tweet berikutnya. Lama-lama satu timeline twitter dihiasi oleh nama kita semua.

That is not what i want. Sebenarnya apa tujuan kita menulis online? Apa tujuan setiap orang di dunia mendadak merasa punya kebutuhan untuk memiliki akun facebook, twitter, blog? Ingin menumpahkan isi hati, tapi ingin orang lain membacanya kan? Yang tidak setuju, berarti dalam proses denial. Tak apa, sebab denial adalah salah satu proses penerimaan, begitu menurut teori psikologi.

Namun yang jadi masalah sekarang, setidaknya bagi diri saya sendiri, terkadang tidak semua orang yang "follow" kita, ingin kita bagi dengan isi keluh-kesah kita seluruhnya. Tapi tidak ingin juga kalau berkeluh kesah hanya kepada buku diari konvensional yang tidak ada seorang pun yang membacanya. Ahh... ini memang dunia penuh komplikasi di dalamnya.

Biarlah hati yang menentukan kapan ingin menggunakan facebook, twitter, blog, tumblr, online chatting, telepon, alat tulis, dan hal lainnya....

Saat ini saya hanya ingin menggunakan blog ini untuk mencurahkan pikiran saya.