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How to make Macaroons

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Working with Egg Whites

what to make sure as a starter :
- the mixer bowl has to be super clean, grease-free (because even the tiniest fat will prevent egg-whites reached peaks).
- when beating egg-whites, their volume will increase 6-8 times, make sure to use large mixer bowl.
- never use plastic bowl in egg whites separation (because plastic bowls retained fat no matter how clean they are).
- the egg-whites should separated perfectly (without any yolk going in, yolk = grease).
- after separate 1 egg whites, transfer it to the grease-free mixer bowl and continue the separation process. This will prevent when the second and on separation is failed, we can still save the first one.

beat the egg-whites until it forms a mass of tiny clear bubbles
soft peaks
beat until the white forms soft rounded peaks that drooped when the beater is lifted
stiff glossy peaks
beat until the white forms peaks that hold their shape when the beater is lifted, but still are still moist.

how to add sugar to egg-whites :
should be added gradually so it has time to dissolved.

source : Egg Whites: Soft and Stiff Peaks video