Monday, December 27, 2010

Singapore 2011 ticket

I spent 3 days to finally decide to buy tickets from Tiger Airways, I'm going to Singapore by March 31 - April 26 '2011. Tickets are only for $0.64 , but the extras make it become $70.24. Tiger airways will take the Singapore Budget Terminal, it might not as comfortable as Terminal 1 & 2, but it save pretty much, around $20 compared to Air Asia promo tickets.

Please wish me the best luck in finding job at Singapore for better opportunity :)

Oh, i just watched Narnia : The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. I will always love Narnia movies. ^^ the fantasy is always great, the imagination is so sweet. However the most epic is Narnia : Prince Caspian, the 2nd one. But this one is also guuuud. miss the movie after 2 years.

This is one of my most favorite scene, when Lucy cast a spell to create snow.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

ask! ask! ask!

just found a new quote that might shall be applied to be one of my life principle.

"If you want to know more, then ask! The worst thing can happen is a No answer. No big deal at all."

Thursday, December 16, 2010


pre-bake experience is absolutely excluding any baking activity, which is reading the recipe. I've read some cooking recipe, but not baking recipe cos i always skip any baking recipe & focusing on the baking result pictures.

My mom is an incredible cooker & baker. She loves to bake so much and people admit that her cakes is taste good! However, I've never once participated in the baking process, spend most of my time tasting the cream or waste cakes and a little time in polishing the cream. I eat more than I make food. My first made cake was a steam one in my junior-school cooking class and my only baking experience is on cookies, which also got some hands by the house-assistant.

Few months ago, one of my love-to-bake-cousin, Monica who is now an active food-blogger, kindly sent me a package of black-sesame paste & seeds + a lovely envelope with a recipe card in it. I'm super excited for the card & envelope, they have this cute simple graphic on them. (please excuse me for being a graphic designer instead of a baker) I thought by that cute stationary set then I'll be excited to bake. But in fact, I haven't tried the recipe till today! till the paste is expired and now my mom is the one who wants to bake it.

............................. sorry sis, it just hasn't worked for me yet '_' the baking stuff. but would love to try it asap.

anyway, so here goes my first experience with cake-baking-recipe. I found 3 baking terms which forced me to google them to understand + an extra question to my mom.
1. fold in : you don't stir, but you take part of the mixture & bring up & over ...
2. stiff peaks : .......... still can't describe it in words.
3. soft peaks : so does this one, but i think i understand it. I think?

Gee..... even reading recipe is tough. -.-"
wish me luck in the future! hahaha...