Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jem - It's Amazing

This music video was made by compiling 25,632 still photos. O.o

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Indonesian Nature Disasters

It is very sad that there're suddenly some huge disasters across Indonesia. Mt. Merapi explosion which has made the whole Yogyakarta city become white, covered by the volcanic ashes dust and now start to effect cities near by, including Bandung and capital city, Jakarta. The volcano is still gradually erupting after its first day on October 25th, 2010. I find these photos are fascinating anyway :P emotionally pictures.While all the living area in Mentawai Island, close to Padang City has been wiped out by 3 meters tsunami waves caused by 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Even though it's only 3m the effect is higher than just 3m waves, till now Volunteers are still find it difficult to distribute helps because of the challenging area.
As those who are still able to sleep and eat peacefully in our own home, please let us share some helps for them. We don't even have to scene to help, just donate a tiny little bit of your saving account for them. No matter how small it is, even $1 would help. There are so many accounts are open for donation, one of it is via Red Cross Indonesia :
  • Bank BCA, KCU Thamrin Jakarta # 206.300668.8, p.p.Kantor Pusat PMI.
  • Bank Mandiri, KCP JKT Krakatau Steel # 070-00-0011601-7, p.p. Palang Merah Indonesia.
  • Bank BRI, KC Pancoran, Jakarta # 0390-01-000030-30-3, p.p. Palang Merah Indonesia.
Donation with American US Dollar (USD)
Bank Mandiri KCP Jakarta Wisma Baja # 070-00-0584905-9,
p.p. Palang Merah Indonesia.

PMI (Red Cross Indonesia) public relation : +62.21.7992325
e-mail : pmi@pmi.or.id


Monday, November 01, 2010


I just can't move, am I ?

I wish to have new environment, and still I have to wait.

Oh well... you just can't ignore any opportunity of fortune.

It's my own decision though, blame no one.

Beside, who knows what may come.