Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello, School Girl

Just finish watching this korean movie. It was very light story and romance, with summer soft lighting. Love it much. I didn't know that the movie was adapted from comic. The artist name is Kang Full - his nickname and we can take a short reading from here. The comic drawings are so simple, pretty amazing how they can be so famous. I guess, a strong idea still able to cover the weak execution.
Every scene seems so cute. I like the 30 years old guy character, very adorable for a guy at his age. However the supporting character seems useless in this film. Haha... The Soundtracks are also super-great. Loveeee it!! Do Listen.

I have a friend who thinking full of plan about her future, one of it by not getting married too old so that the husband won't be too old when their kid(s) are growing up. Her consideration is that the dad might be passed away before able to see their grandchildren. After watching this movie, i feel more .... simple? I mean, look at the main actor, he was 30, and the girl was only 18. They just enjoy it, not thinking too much which make your life more simple. I just like the "mood, look and feel" the movie brought.

Friday, October 29, 2010

office stuffs lately

1. mengatakan akan move on dari kantor skrg.
2. pindah ke studio baru yang menarik.
3. hari pertama pulang dari studio baru, hujan gede-gedean dan langsung ke wihara dalam keadaan jeans basah sampe paha, tentunya kaoskaki+sepatu basah kuyup, ditambah pas pulang payung ketinggalan. Tapi aku merasa senang hari itu berhasil ke wihara dan sujud yang banyak :)
4. waktu nyoba-nyoba jalan pulang yang baru, berakhir setengah nyasar. Ternyata angkot yang dilalui melalui jalan yang tidak-biasa-kulalui, tapi kuputuskan untuk mengikuti alurnya sambil setengah berharap nemu jalan pulang baru yang lebih praktis. Tapi lambat laun, saat semakin memasuki gang-gang kecil yang gelap dan sepi. Ketakutan merayapi pikiran hingga akhirnya aku turun dan menunggu angkot yang berjalan di arah sebaliknya untuk kembali ke poin awal. *never tell no one, kinda creepy. ternyata jadi petualang rasanya cemas-cemas-geli*
5. udah nulis planning setelah resign akhir november. banyakkk benerrr... '_'
6. ternyata hari ini dikasih offer menarik sama kantor, stationary? we'll see how it goes then.

++ 25 Oct'10 = hari paling parah di Jakarta. mulai jam 4 sore semua jalan kebanjiran, hujan lebat gak kira2, jalan2 macam thamrin, sudirman, kuningan ajah banjirnya bisa 20cm, pokoknya baca twitter super parah banget update dari orang2 dan PoldaMetro. Orang pada mampet di jalan 4-5 jam perjalanan pulang. (udah Jkt-Bdg pergi-makansiang-pulang tuh). Akhirnya aku pulang jam 8.30 malem, daripada farises di busway, trus sampe rumah jam 10. Hari yang sangat asoy buat semua penduduk Jakarta.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blue or Green?

I love almost every colors and their combinations that I never can recall my favorite one. But I don't understand why, but I always attracted to teal or turqoise color. Those somewhere-in-between colors.

A blue that is not yet a blue.
A green that is not yet a green.

Teal is a medium blue-green color.

Turquoise is a slightly greenish tone of cyan.

45 days notice

Finally... after months of thinking.
Yesterday I've stated it, my resignation statement. After 27 months working in JED, i've decided that this is the time of my life (as David Cook sing). Time to take the leap, try so many stuffs i haven't tried, pursuing my passion, and experience a lot in life so that i have so much to share with my kids about how grateful this life is.
illustration by : sweet william

So here goes the story about yesterday...

October 15th, 2010
I've even prepared my speech 2 days ago, but at the end all my structured sentences i've been practiced was ruin as the nerve mastered me. It was a pleasant light day, the work load is light and we even had a relax long lunch. When we get back to the office it was 2 pm and my heart started beating so fast and loud that i could hear it. I could feel the whole body had a trembling sensation. I knew that a light Friday could only be meaning one thing : short office hours. So I had to say it before 4 pm, meaning : two hours to go.

Then my break was finally come by 3.15 pm. "This is it. Now or Never!" I said to myself as always, coz I believe that procrastination never ends good (even though I keep doing it), if I don't have the courage to do it today, I never will have.

(NOTE : the way i said it, not as cool as it may sounds below, trust me it was chaotic!)
me : Jess, are you busy? *tremble*tremble*
J : Why?
me : I just want to know when are we exactly going to move to the new office?
J : dunno, when is it Erick?
E : Probably around this 2 weeks?
me : Well, I don't think I can come along with when you guys have moved there. The thing is, it was way to far. My current trip took 1.5 hours and I think if I moved there it'll add an extra half hour and I've been thinking that I've learned so much here and I've decided that it's time to move on. *there it goes*
J&E : *smile* good. good then. and it's good that you've told us now. We already have some people applying too.
me : yeah, and if you remember I've ever told Jess that I want to try to work at Singapore, so yeah...
J : good! It's good! we will a 100% support you.
E : yeah, it's a good thing. You should try to work else, try new things out of this country.
J : It's like Lina, you'll try to live alone, be independent. That is good.
me : well, I haven't quite decide what i want to do but probably will try to apply for Singapore. Beside, I have this kinda love about wedding, craft, decor details that I haven't tried and will never know how much I passion about them if I haven't done it myself.
E : haha... we don't do too much craft stuffs here, because we're having a lot of identity and branding stuffs the most.
J : ya, and beside there are some designs to do for a wedding too, you can also work a logo for it and others.
E: ya, we should learn a lot of things. Me, myself has probably work on anything that possible in design. So, till when are you planning to help us?
me : I don't mind if I have to work at the new office, only can't be too long, so probably till the end of November?
E : oh, ok then.
J : So if somewhat in the future when you still have no job and you would like to freelance for us. That's cool too. or if I'm overload might call you as well for some freelancing works.
me : yep2, anytime you need my help just call me. and I would like to thanks for everything I've had.
J&E : yap, thanks too.

aaaaaand... that's a wrap. that's it, I thought it will take an hour of conversation, but it was less than half an hour. hahahaha..... Oh gosh, I felt so nervous yesterday and the sensation hasn't gone till I got home. First timer. LOL. But I feel so relieve that I finally have said what I have to say. This is one good thing and I'm ready to plan (what next?) for my future. So much I want to do in life, experience a lot of stuffs is probably my most crucial goal, beside following my passion and having a good family. =D

It was a good day. I've said it properly. They took it well. and the most important thing is that my mom, ie2 angim and ima have arrived in Singapore safely. Thanks God! All the bless are with me all the time, couldn't have anything so smooth if it wasn't because of Your companion.

still remembering what cie2 Ony told me, when she said "I've decided to do my own baking" and her boss said "I'm glad that you've decided." wish you the best luck, cie!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm a fan of ....

people who success by perseveringly hard-worker, not just lay on some luck or talent or headline-gossip. but also attracted to people with genius talent in anything.


Agnes Monica
A talented girl with the same age as mine but has achieved much.
One of my inspiration beside many others.
She dream high, vision them, working very hard, and now she's in LA, preparing to be the first Indonesian artist who become American Music Awards 2010's host. She's going to red carpet co-host with Danny Gokey (American Idol top 3 finalist).
Amazing. Will be following her news to the "D" day.
I found this very inspiring article about Agnes Monica while in Asian Song Festival in Seoul.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hi Typie!

Yesterday I bought myself a notebook that will be use only by me. This is so excited. I've been sharing a PC with the whole family till yesterday. This could only be meaning one thing, I finally able to write more. Yay! well, work more too of course. and browse more. hehehe...

I plan to buy a 15"macbookpro, however it cost way over the budget. Well, I'm really happy with this Rp.6kk notebook. I like the keyboard design, the touchpad, and the windows 7 i've just tried. Thinking of naming this ASUS K42JE notebook with Typie. =D