Saturday, September 12, 2009

The most excited 4 hours!

Illustration by Katrina Finlinson

Finally!!! I went to Dufan (it's an amusement park @ Jakarta) today with Irma, Fenny, Merry, Sri, Ronald, Isur. Start our amazing fun day by 4 PM. hahaha... Silly lateness.

However, we started with "Tornado" which is pretty cool! Never thought I'll feel so thrilled, excited, fun, and free like that, coz I thought I'm gonna be sick for it. I was even laugh for feeling so fun! The best part is when we got hold a few seconds, headed up to the blue sky and enjoy the free blue air. ^^ naiiisss.......

Ermm.... then we went to "Tilted House" aka. "Rumah Miring". hahaha... yah, it was fun for laugh. I'm still amazed by how we cannot stand straight all the time inside.

The next thing is the most "fun" and silly things we rode there. We rode for "Cups" aka. "Poci-Poci", just because "Niagara-gara" queue was amazingly soooooooo longggggg.... and "Poci-Poci"s queue was empty. The 7 of us was getting into 1 cup at once, and it was pretty tight space. hahaha..... silly. After the 1st round have finished, we decided to have our 2nd round with the same 7 in 1 combination, we even took pictures together while the cups was spinning around. Seriously, I've never been so tired on a ride before, but it was all because tired of laughing all the time. hahahahahahahaha..... Everyone agreed that it was probably our best time at the park today. Oh! after the 2nd round, we decided to have another round but it was 2 in 1 each. And guess what? We felt pretty dizzy on our 3rd time because we were actually "SPIN"ning. ahahahahah..... Since the 7 in 1 was really tight so that we couldn't feel the real rotation.

Our 4th ride was another choice based on the "short queue". Pontang-Panting? Forget the real name anyhoo.... The ride looks like this : it was like merry go round (circle) and there're strings attach from the ceiling to a single seat. Everyone have their own single seat and the center circle will spinning which causes the single seats to fly higher by the rotation movement.

The 5th was "Roller Coaster" and I didn't actually like it after tried it today. It will caused some neckache. -__-" and dizziness. Besides, the track is sooooo short, not worth it compared to the queue. Not the best ride anyway, but it was okay.

Anddd......... the last one was at 6 PM. The queue was amazinglyyyyyy loooonngggg loooonnngggg faaarrrr faaarrrrr away, but! It was quite worth it. It was "Arung Jeram", something like "rafting adventure?" After a looooonnggg waiting, finally we get into it and BASAH-BASAHAN BANGET! (getting really wet) especially Isur. Ahahahaaha.... as if Fenny said, "Isur udah kayak nyelem banget!" ("Isur was like diving on the ride"). The most memorable part is when Ronald got too excited and he lost his glasses. Definitely not his best night, especially when his back-up clothes also got wet so he couldn't change his superwet clothes..... ahhh... poor Ronald. But, the fun was worth it, rite Nald? ehehehe... (ah! me forget to mention! while we're queuing, suddenly there're some movements above the trees which made some amusement in a boring long line. There were some monkey coming from nowhere jumping around energeticly from one tree to another which freaked some of the people in the line. Ronald said, "It's a teaser given by the developer so we don't get bored at the line". wakakakakaka....)

Yeah, then we have our dinner @ McD then everybody went home because the place was gonna end its day.

Definitely the right entertainment at the right time after having over-time and hectic of two weeks at work. Thank you guys for coming, probably won't have the best excitement if not with you 6. I've been craving to Dufan since 7 or 10 years ago? hahahaha.... and probably today is possible because I was destined to go there only with you guys. ^^

From now on, I probably won't touch Dufan for a few next years. There are things I should take care seriously now. And hopefully, when the things are done, I'll be able to have a blast fun with you guys again at Dufan or some other places.

*one of my best day! :D *happy*happy*happy*