Sunday, February 22, 2009

"books are for the people who wish they were somewhere else" - Mark Twain

my "Doubutsu Uranai"

Fawns are extremely cautious at first meeting
Fawns are full of curiosity
Fawns get selfish with their friends
Fawns want to be liked, so they try to please
Fawns are ill at ease if they can't confirm that someone likes them
Fawns are not good at bargaining
Fawns' sphere of activity are limited
Fawns are good teachers and cultivators
Fawns are dangerous when they lose control
Fawns watch out for food additives
Fawn is classified in The New Moon group which a situation/circumstance oriented type and other people conscious type.
Fawn with 'Gold' color means 'Lead life as one's own way'

Gold Fawn
  1. You are Gold Fawn, whose character is gentle and calm.
  2. You tend to talk slowly and there's something warm about your atmosphere.
  3. Nevertheless, you have great fighting spirit within you, and you have great will power.
  4. It's not too much to say that your will power is hidden under your intelligence and your personality.
  5. Your movements are slow, and you also tend to be rather slow in putting things into action.
  6. You also take other people's opinion too seriously, and are sensitive to rumors.
  7. You try to avoid public criticism, by not using flashy expressions and fancy actions.
  8. You try to stick to social status, and are pure and conservative sort of person.
  9. You dislike new changes, and prefer to carry on steadily in a safe environment.
  10. You think high of atmosphere than practicality.
  11. If you make your decisions only on your preferences, people may think you as a moody person.
  12. You are obsessed about cleanliness, and can be difficult, but you are really a kind person.
  13. You have good fortune, and your personal interest may turn into your occupation, or get as busy as your regular business.
  14. Therefore your interest develops into something that can be profitable.
  15. Although you yourself are modest, people around you may get heated up, and make you a leader.
  16. What you have done to others will be returned by double or more.
  17. After getting married, you will have good fortune with children, and will be able to lead a steady old age.
* to number 13, 14, and 17. YAY for it! hahaha.... Well, I guess some of them I realize that's really stays inside of my personality.

Go and try to find your own Doubutsu Uranai

Diary of A Wimpy Kid

I really want to buy this book when I passed the 'periplus' bookstore yesterday, love the back cover intro. But finally, passed it coz of the price >.< maybe later...

"This is a JOURNAL, not a diary........ this was MOM's idea, not mine."

You & I getting to know me better

  1. My name is Aileen Guing and I love my name, the first name is nice (not too girly either boyish) and the last name is uncommon -and I like uncommon.
  2. Love to read books, mostly books with certain knowledge and fiction.
  3. I'll read something while laying on bed before sleeping with a not-too whitey-brighty lamp.
  4. Afraid of lizard and other creepy crawly reptile.
  5. Ever been an anime-addict. Oh, well, still enjoy them but not that addicted anymore.
  6. Love Enid Blyton's books.
  7. One of Harry Potter's fans.
  8. Love to watch movies.
  9. Admiring great special effects and fantasy and epic movies, but also in love with romantic comedy genre.
  10. A thinking too much person.
  11. I used to skip the good-night-teeth-brushing-ritual until January 2009.
  12. Ever went to college without a morning bath.
  13. Day-dreamer, I mean... I dream about A LOT of stuffs.
  14. Love food. I eat almost anything that human enough to be eaten.
  15. I think I'm not born to be a (graphic) designer, but have no idea why I picked it as a major in college that brings my life-after-college through it.
  16. I don't like to work as a graphic designer, however I enjoy good graphic designs.
  17. Have a dream of becoming a fictional novelist.
  18. Love to write. (of course -_-" if I'm not than how am I going to accomplish no. 17?)
  19. Love to chat.
  20. Hate computer but can't live without it.
  21. Would like to travel around the world.
  22. Would love to have a dream house with a huge backyard and a private library.
  23. Cry a lot since I was a baby.
  24. Craft, paints, drawing, photography, interior, details, colors, black n white, retro, vintage, contemporary. Love them all.
  25. I haven't ever gone for a (real) clubbing until now.
  26. I watch CSI (crime scene investigation -a TV series) -all three-. I also read Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan -a manga/japanese comic) and sometimes I have that "crime" mind such as : "If suddenly I found died in a spesific condition, what the (Indonesian) investigator will think? 1. ah, that's just an accident/ 2. ah, she just commited a suicide/ 3. will it lead us to a bigger case?/ 4. do'oh, she's still alive only without any heart beats and breath.
  27. I'm wearing glasses and hate it. I have a lazy eye, same as Paris Hilton's. Well, that does make some connection, eh?
  28. Not ever want to use contact lens.
  29. From college, I got 2 closest girlfriends and 1 closest guyfriend that I've considered as a girlfriend.
  30. Believe that family is the best back-ups.
  31. Love my big huge family members.
  32. I like babies and kids, but somehow they just not interested in me and I have no idea how to approach them.
  33. Admire great and charismatic actors and actresses, directors, script-writers and authors.
  34. Live in a fantasy-minded.
  35. Love cultures.
  36. Ever have a thought to become a participant of Amazing Race -reality show.
  37. Still love and watch cartoons.
  38. Love orchestra also music percussion and really want to be able to play music instruments.
  39. Thinking that tumblr is cool.
  40. Politic is bullshit.
  41. I adore Garfield.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Mimpi Api

Kira-kira dalam tidur gw selama 1-2 minggu ini, sering sekali gw mimpi adanya kebakaran. Gw sampai bingung sendiri apa sebabnya. Ada yang bilang, "kalau kamu memimpikan sesuatu itu sebenarnya adalah hal yang kamu banyak pikirkan sepanjang hari, atau hal yang dipikirkan menjelang tidur, atau lain-lainnya." dan sepertinya gw gak mengharapkan adanya kebakaran sih? Atau jangan-jangan ..... ini adalah efek jangka panjang dari kebakaran besar yang diakibatkan oleh meledaknya salah satu tangki pertamina di pelumpang. Wah, lama juga yah dampaknya pada gue? hahaha.... 

Yah, akhirnya gw iseng googling "arti mimpi kebakaran" dan menemukan beberapa tulisan. Masing-masing website yang menyediakan arti mimpi, ternyata ada yang mirip dan ada yang berbeda 100 persen; sebab ada yang mengartikannya sebagai kabar baik sedang di lain tempat menyebutkannya sebagai pertanda agar berhati-hati. Hingga sampailah gw pada sebuah kesimpulan, yaitu tidak sepenuhnya dapat dipercaya. huehehehe... Siapa tau dalam hati terdalam, gue ternyata masih trauma melihat langit membara merah dengan asap hitamnya saat kebakaran di plumpang bulan yang lampau. 

Friday, February 06, 2009

Kue Lapis

sebuah entri tak penting yang ingin kupenting-pentingkan. 

gw baru mulai menyadari, kesukaan gw yang aneh pada kue lapis yang sudah dikulkaskan. Sewaktu kue lapis tidak dalam keadaan setengah-beku-karena-dimasukan-kulkas, entah mengapa gw gak napsu makannya. Tapi gw lebih demen makannya saat kue lapis itu sudah masuk ke dalam kulkas selama beberapa hari. 

yeah, aneh memang. 

Monday, February 02, 2009

Long Time No Post

many things (and many thoughts) have been going on around my lately life. 

but have no idea how to post it. 

too much to post. 

well, but I can tell about my no-updates' reason. 

want to stay away from the computer, as long as I'm able to, pure and simple.